November 11, 2015

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January 7, 2014

3 Quarter Nelson

1. In the top position, hook one of your opponent's ankles in the crook of your knee, so that you are you are out to one side of him. You will essentially be sitting on one of his ankles, with your calf threaded under it. The leg you use to hook his ankle should be the opposite leg from the one you are attacking--that is, hook your right leg around his left ankle, or left leg around his right ankle.
2. Reach one arm underneath your opponent's body and across, and the other over the top and across, locking around his near arm and head. Your hands should be locked near the side of your opponent's head and his ankle should remain trapped.
3. Use your locked arms to suddenly and powerfully suck his head and arm down under his body.
4. As his head goes under him, sit out onto your side. His head will go all the way underneath himself, stacking him up on on his shoulder blades. The hooked ankle is now an anchor helping to hold him in place and prevent him from birding. Squeeze tight until the referee stops you.

Butterfly / Banana Split

1. Leg ride your opponent. From the top position, slip your right leg inside of his right thigh, or left leg inside of his left thigh. Then hook your toes around his ankle or calf. This hooked leg will anchor you in position, and create one side of the banana split.
2. Reach across and lock both arms under your opponent's free leg, so that your hands lock on the inside of his leg just above the knee. While leg riding you will not be square with your opponent, but offset, so that you can attack any part of the side of his body opposite your hooked leg.
3. Rock backward, pulling the leg you grabbed toward you. This will turn your opponent on his back, while each of his legs are restrained, one by your hooked leg from the leg ride, and one from your arms.
4. Use your arms and hooked leg to separate your opponents legs as far apart as possible. This will cause him to go flatter so you can score back points.
5. If it is apparent that you will not be able to pin your opponent with the banana split, roll forward back into your leg riding position after you've scored your back points.


1. Assume the top position, with your partner flat on his stomach. Your hips should be behind your partners hips, and your hands should be in a position to reach around your partner's waist.
2. Plant one of your hands behind the corresponding knee of your partner: left hand behind left knee, or right hand behind right knee.
3. With your other arm, apply pressure across your partner's face with the forearm, and lift their head, moving it toward the knee that is pinned in position. It can take several lifting motions to inch an opponent's head close enough to their knee to lock up the cradle when they are giving full resistance.
4. When your partner's head is close enough to their knee, slip the arm behind the knee under their leg, and and clasp your hands. One arm will be around the knee, and one around the head. How far you must move the head to the knee is determined by the wingspan of the wrestler using the cradle. A wrestler with long arms will be able to clasp their hands without moving their opponent's head as far, and will generally find the cradle more effective. Use a finger-on-finger grip instead of a hand-on-hand grip. If you can reach far enough, a grip where each hand grasps the wrist of the opposite arm can be effective, and will result in a tighter cradle.

5. When you have locked your grip, rock backward, so that your partner's back is to the ground, and you are off to the side, with your grip still locked. Putting pressure on your opponent's side with your knee and extending your arms outward, while keeping them clasped, will tighten the cradle.

November 22, 2013

Elbow pass

1. Begin an elbow pass in wrestling from a "fifty-fifty" position where both you and your opponent are facing each other, bent at the waist, with his arms looped over your shoulders and yours looped over his.

2. Duck down and dislodge your opponent's "collar-tie" as you perform an elbow pass in wrestling. Your opponent will attempt to correct his stance.

3. Keep yourself low and attack with a "high crotch" attack by shooting one of your arms between your opponent's legs. You opponent will perform a sprawl where he attempts to control you by leaning on top of you and spreading his legs while attempting to grasp your arms.

4. Grab your opponent's left leg as you do an elbow pass in wrestling, and begin to straighten your torso as you lift his leg.

5. Raise yourself up off your knees as you do an elbow pass in wrestling until you are crouching with your opponent still above you.

6. Continue holding your opponent's leg as you twist and throw him to the mat. Pin him down with an arm turk (keeping pressure on his arm and shoulder so they touch the ground when you finish doing an elbow pass in wrestling.